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Spotify and Chill: Playlists Custom Curated for Your Experience

spotify and cannabis

At Item 9 Labs, we believe in good times and good health. And no one can deny that one of life’s sweetest pleasures is getting lost in the perfect song at the perfect moment. That’s why we have curated three custom Spotify playlists to pair with each of our new Orion 710 live resin blends.

Ready to relax? We’ve got just the thing. Want a sublime, otherworldly high? We’ve got that too. Looking for that sweet spot between calm and uplifted? Our blends have you covered, whatever you’re looking for. Match one with a handcrafted Spotify playlist and take your experience to the next level. Nothing enhances the vibe like a rich soundscape of music perfectly matched to your mood. On your own or with friends, it’s bound to be a good time.

The Orion 710 Has What You Need

The Orion 710 is our next-gen vaporization device, engineered with custom airflow and voltage settings to most efficiently use Item 9 Labs live resin.

Live resin is a fresh-frozen concentrate made from harvested flower that is immediately chilled, instead of cured, to preserve the greatest range of cannabinoids and terpenes possible—creating what is called a “full-spectrum product”, as the end result is as close as possible to the plant’s natural composition.

Existing as a reusable battery with disposable pods, each full-gram pod is filled with live resin strain blends designed to create relaxing, balancing, or soaring experiences.

The larger amount of cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids available in live resin blends allows for a greater entourage effect, as each strain’s unique phytochemical arrangement works with the others to achieve results not always possible via single-strain options.

It’s ideal for those looking for broader wellness experiences or interested in treating a range of issues that might not yet be fully understood.

The USB-C enabled battery light indicates charge left when in use or  when plugged in.

Discover Your Experience

  1. Resistance configured to most efficiently use live resin.
  2. Magnetized pod clicks when attached.
  3. 5-second draw cutoff to ensure proper dosing.
  4. Battery life indicator (Green 50-100%, Orange 21-50%, Yellow <20%).
  5. Battery voltage settings tuned for consistent, powerful draws.

Ready for a sublime experience? Choose your mood, and cue up the music by clicking the squares below:



GROUNDED: Indica-heavy blend goes deep into the body while offering relaxation & washing away stress.



ORBIT: Hybrid blend with balanced body & cerebral effects, uplifting moods while offering body calmness.



BEYOND: Sativa blend launches into space & beyond, engineered for a euphoric journey inspiring creativity & wonder.


You can find the Orion 710 and all three of our blends at a dispensary near you. Follow Item 9 Labs on Spotify for the best of music and cannabis.