Item Nine Orion Vape Pen and packaging

Orion 710 Live Resin Pod and Battery System

Item 9 Labs’ next-generation vape system provides a full-spectrum flower experience on the go. Orion pods feature strain-specific live resin extracted from fresh-frozen flower for incredible taste and enhanced effects.


Our innovative vaporizing device rounds out the experience with a satisfying draw, magnetic interchangeable pods, and accurate dosing.


Available in:
  • 1000mg (1g) pods
  • 500mg (0.5g) pods

Product Design & Specs

  • 100% cannabis-derived live resin extracted in-house.
  • Magnetic, interchangeable pods available in 0.5g and 1g.
  • Accurate dosing technology with haptic vibration alert.
  • Light-up battery indicator (green, yellow, red).
  • Assortment of strains available. Strains will vary in taste, and aroma.
  • Pod works exclusively with Orion battery. Sold separately.
  • Battery is packaged with USB-C charging cable.
Item Nine Orion Vape Pod and Packaging