Broad Spectrum Cartridge Pen and Packaging


Potent, distilled Delta 9 THC is blended in house with cannabis-derived terpenes for effects and botanically-derived terpenes for flavor.

Available in:
  • 500mg (0.5g) C-Cell Cartridges
  • 1000mg (1g) C-Cell Cartridges

Product Design & Specs

  • Distilled Item 9 Labs THC oil – 100% solvent free.
  • Enhanced with cannabis-derived and botanically-derived terpenes.
  • Packaged along with informative strain sticker, kiss-cut sticker, ‘What’s In Your Cart’ QR code, and state label.
  • Assortment of strains and formulations available. Strains will vary in look, taste, and aroma.
Item Nine Labs Broad Spectrum

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