Errl Cup 2022: Item 9 Takes Home Four Awards - Item 9 Labs

Errl Cup 2022: Item 9 Labs Takes Home Four Awards

Errl Cup Award Win Graphic

We are honored to announce that Item 9 Labs has yet again had a brilliant showing at this year’s Errl Cup. For the uninitiated, the Errl Cup is Arizona’s largest cannabis festival and award show. A panel of 70-plus judges, comprised of consumers and industry experts, blindly taste test 200-plus samples of some of the most popular cannabis products on the market, to arrive at a handful of standouts. Four of our products earned places on the winner’s podium.


2nd  Place – Best Concentrate Hybrid 

Sundae Driver Live Resin Sugar 

Sundae Driver is a balanced and calm hybrid with a mellow and creamy flavor. Our live resin sugar features clusters of THC micro-crystals swimming in a sea of terpenes. The sugar-like consistency allows for ease of use and an even ratio of flavor and potency. 

2nd  Place - Best Cannabis Vape Pen – Indica 

Black N’ Blue Kush Broad Spectrum Cartridge 

Our Black N’ Blue Kush Broad Spectrum Cartridge provides cerebral stimulation blended with the joy of discovering vine-ripened berries. This formulation combines the sweet berry and slight hashiness of Blackberry Kush with juicy blueberry. The Blackberry Kush x Blueberry lineage leans heavy indica – offering pain relief, relaxation, and a sense of euphoria, with a knockout punch known to induce sleepiness in anything more than light use. 

3rd  Place – Best Hand-Crafted Cannabis Product 

Gingerbread Man x Acai Kush Mints Live Badder Infused Pre-Roll 

We have upped the pre-roll game with an offering we are truly proud to share with you. This 1g full flower pre-roll is infused with live resin badder. Wrapped in ultra-thin, unrefined French paper, our premium house-grown flower is evenly infused with concentrate straight from our lab, to ensure a smooth smoke throughout. 


3rd  Place – Best Cannabis Vape Pen – Sativa 

Maui Wowie Broad Spectrum Cartridge

Maui Wowie is known for its tropical flavor with notes of sweet pineapple and mango. Enjoy the lifted, cerebral effects of this high-energy sativa when you need a creative escape. 

“We believe that the most vital key to creating and offering a premium product lies in the compassion, quality and attention to detail that our team devotes every single day,” said Eric Eisele, lab director at Item 9 Labs. “The Fall Errl Cup, along with many of our other achievements through the years, highlight our ability to go beyond the learning curve, pushing the boundaries of education and functionality.”  

We are delighted that our commitment to cultivating the highest quality cannabis products has earned us the recognition of our peers and this passionate community. 

The Errl Cup was launched by Jim Morrison (no relation to him of late-sixties fame), who was disheartened by his sister’s struggle to find consistent and reliable medical marijuana to treat her Multiple Sclerosis. After her death, the competition was started in a noble effort to connect medical marijuana patients with high-quality, safe and consistent medicine. It has since become Arizona’s premier cannabis festival and award show—and the most anticipated annual opportunity for the cannabis community to come together. 

Each year, the Cup’s organizers begin the competition by secret shopping for various products at local dispensaries. Strains are then sent to a carefully selected laboratory; each sample is tested for cannabinoid content, pesticides, mold, growth regulators, terpenes and residual solvents. From there, the product is delivered to a panel of judges for blind testing and in-depth review. The results are then tallied up and the winners are announced, but not before a full day of cannabis education, community, and celebration.  


At Item 9 Labs, we take immense pride in our award-winning strains and everything we cultivate. We grow indoors in our 20,000 square foot cultivation and lab that resides just outside Phoenix, and prioritize diligence, attention and care for the plant. We are meticulous about each crop and believe this devotion has earned us the recognition of such passionate cannabis enthusiasts.  

We would like to thank you, our amazing community, for your continued support and enthusiasm for all of Item 9 Labs’ product offerings. We couldn’t do it without you! Find out where you can buy Item 9 Labs award-winning products.


Item 9 Labs Errl Cup Award Winners