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Flower and Concentrate in Perfect Harmony: Meet Our New Mainstay – the 1 Gram Concentrate Infused Pre-Roll 

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Item 9 Labs’ award-winning flower just got elevated. Our team has pushed our flower offerings to the next level with our brand-new line of 1 Gram Concentrate Infused Pre-rolls. Launching on September 9th, we have upped the pre-roll game by adding a new mainstay product to our robust product line-up that we are truly proud of. This 1 gram full flower pre-roll is infused with concentrate in three different varieties: live sugar, live badder, and crumble. With an assortment of our premium strains available, connoisseurs can take their pick. Wrapped in ultra-thin, unrefined French paper, our premium in-house grown flower is evenly infused with in-house extracted concentrate straight in our lab, ensuring a smooth smoke throughout. No distillate. No synthetic terpenes.
Dropping Friday, September 9th in these Arizona dispensaries:
Call ahead or check out the dispensary’s menu to make sure our pre-rolls are out on the shelf.
  • Tru Bliss (Mesa)
  • Nature Med (Tucson)
  • Earths Healing North (Tucson)
  • Earths Healing South (Tucson)
  • Prime Leaf Park (Tucson)
  • Prime Leaf Speedway (Tucson)
Our 1 Gram Concentrate Infused Pre-Roll covers all the bases. Read on for more behind what went into this labor of love! g infused pre roll split

A Look At Our Infused Pre-roll Process

Maintaining the integrity of the plant is at the center of everything we do and strive for. Our brand-new pre-rolls come straight from our state-of-the-art extraction lab. We start with our house-grown flower and infuse it with our award-winning concentrates. Our in-depth research and development process keeps the terpenes intact to ensure your session is as aromatic as possible. Our innovative process ensures concentrate is distributed evenly throughout every pre-roll, ensuring a smooth burn every time. You can expect the meticulously matched terpenes from the plant to be present and intentional (in both the flower and concentrate!) Take it from those who have smoked it. Or from those who created it – Eric Eisele, Item 9 Labs’ Lab Director, explains his process: “Utilizing our wide range of concentrates we propel our intentionally grown flower into different experiences for our consumers and patients to enjoy, expanding their palate and introducing them to new synergistic terpene profiles. Enhancing a specific cannabis strain by utilizing a concentrated form of it elevates the terpene profile and creates a superior experience the consumer gets to enjoy.” Our Concentrate Infused Pre-rolls will be dropping in Arizona dispensaries across the Phoenix and Tucson metro area on Friday, September 9th. Sign up for our email list to learn where you can find our infused pre-rolls in stores!