Item Nine Labs Flower Jar with Marijuana Flower Inside


Everything at Item 9 Labs starts with our responsibly cultivated, award-winning flower. From the live resin in our Orion 710 products to the terpenes in our Broad Spectrum Cartridges and beyond, it all starts with intentionally grown flower.


Our flower is managed by experienced growers, always hand-trimmed, consistent across all processes, and carefully packaged in glass jars.

Available in:
  • 1/8 jars (3.5g)
  • Quarter mylar bags (7g)

Product Design & Specs

  • Perfectly cured and trimmed flower in 1/8th glass jars or 1/4 mylar bags.
  • Packaged along with informative strain sticker and state label.
  • Assortment of strains available. Strains will vary in look, size, and aroma.
Item Nine marijuana flower jars and flowers