Where can I buy Item 9 Labs’ Pre-Rolls? - Item 9 Labs

Where can I buy Item 9 Labs’ Pre-Rolls?

item nine labs pre-rolls
item nine labs pre-rolls

Intentionally grown and conveniently packaged, Item 9 Labs’ Pre-Rolls are available as seven half grams in tins designed to last.

Strain-specific and filled with house-grown premium flower wrapped in unrefined French hemp, Item 9 Labs Pre-Rolls are available in limited runs at the following dispensaries:

Earth’s Healing North & South

The Good

Green Hills Patient Center

Herbal Wellness Center – North

The Local Joint

Marigold Dispensary

Nirvana Tempe

Prime Leaf on Park & Speedway

Territory Chandler

Territory Gilbert

Territory Mesa


*Dropping this week, please call ahead for availability*