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The Best Hard Seltzer + Cannabis Pairing Guide


For those in the US, the pandemic is mostly (and mercifully) in the rearview mirror. As we collectively emerge from some long, difficult days, the summer of 2021 is set to be all about letting our hair down. Culture watchers of every stripe have predicted that this will be a memorable one for many, as people shake off the pandemic malaise and take good times seriously. It’s even being compared to the roaring 20s, when the post-war boom led to a new era of revelry and indulgence, à la the Great Gatsby. That said, there is no better time for our latest pairing guide!

What’s more refreshing on a hot summer day than a hard seltzer? Not much, we contend. As hard seltzer stubbornly hangs on to its uncontested popularity, we’ve got just the thing for your summer fun: our hard seltzer pairing guide!

A word of wisdom first: mix-and-match with caution. When pairing cannabis and alcohol, it’s always a good bet to take it slow and allow yourself to acclimate to any effects. Aside from just considering flavors, it’s a good idea to account for the effects of various strains and how they will impact your experience. Some more energizing strains on our pairing guide include Blueberry Haze, Candyland, and Jack Herer. More relaxing options include Afghan Kush, Pink Champagne, and Pineapple Chunk. Enjoy responsibly!

Afghan Kush with Berry Lemonade Smirnoff

Smelling of a Starburst wrapper, the flat berry and tart lemonade in the seltzer are made fuller by the spice and herbal notes of Afghan Kush—sweetening the berry and smoothing the lemon.

Black n Blue Kush with Lemon Truly

The herbal citrus/pine of the Black n Blue Kush explodes when sniffed with the lemon zest of the seltzer while offering a peppery finish with juicy sweetness.

Blueberry Haze with Lemon Lime Coors Seltzer

The juicy sweetness of Blueberry Haze offers much-needed flavor and body to the lemon-lime, while the woodiness helps offset the bar counter vibes of the seltzer.

Candyland with Lime Cacti

Candyland’s hoppy finish dances well with the lime flavor, while the peppery citrus produces a wonderful sherbet sensation—like the beer version of a proper wine spritzer.

Dutch Treat Haze with Watermelon High Noon Soda

The herbal fruit nose of the Dutch Treat Haze brings out everything in the watermelon juice, while the peppery notes make for a spicier fruit that tastes like a smooth summer melon blanket.

Fuji Apple Haze with Spicy Pineapple Michelob Ultra

The sweet spicy of the Fuji Apple Haze plays well with the pineapple spice, producing a spiked apple pie taste that would be well served with pie crust and ice cream.

Golden Triangle with Strawberry Cacti Agave Spiked Seltzer

The Broad Spectrum terpenes of Golden Triangle offer the strawberry flavor a slightly sweet boost, while providing a fresh-off-the-vine earthy aroma.

Jack Herer with Black Cherry High Noon Soda

The fruity, peppery, and herbal notes of the Jack Herer turn the black cherry juice into a chai-like mixture, offering a satisfying experience that tastes a lot like high-end iced tea.

Mango Melon Kush with Blackberry White Claw

Like a fresh fruit plate, the smoothness of the fruit aromas in Mango Melon Kush soothes the bitterness of the blackberry, while the kush gives it a shot of woody/piney flavor without too strong of a peppery bark punch—with tangy meringue finish.

Paris OG with Citrus Squeeze Truly

Expect the citrus nose of the Paris OG to amp up the existing citrus squeeze aroma, while the peppery herbal notes ground any excessiveness sweetness.

Pineapple Chunk with Grapefruit Bud Light Seltzer

The tart, earthy-cheesiness of the Pineapple Chunk injects life into the grapefruit aroma, while amping up the tartness—giving it a far improved full-body feel.

Pink Champagne with Pineapple White Claw

The peppery citrus of the Pink Champagne cuts through the bitter sour of the pineapple, while the hoppy notes make the bubbles softly dissolve—reminding of a refreshing pineapple tepache.

Sour Clementine with Cranberry Bud Light

The fruity spiciness of the Sour Clementine with the cranberry produces a marmalade-like taste with increased volume, while the earthy sourness amps up what smells like dewy fruit.

Tranquil Elephantizer with Orange Smirnoff

The almost tangerine notes of the orange seltzer are boosted and balanced by the herbal spice of Tranquil Elephantizer, producing an aroma and taste that feels naturally cleansed.

Watermelon Zkittlez with Cucumber Lime Michelob Ultra

Watermelon Zkittlez’ bouquet of fruit aromas smooths out the somewhat harsh finish of what tastes like tonic water with lime, producing a fruity drink that tastes as good poolside as it would on a patio.

Wedding Cake with Mango Coors Seltzer

The citrus-pepper nose of the Wedding Cake makes the mango jump, while the herbal notes add a musk note without any sour earth—thanks to the most prevalent terpene in each, myrcene.

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