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How to Blend Strains and Why You Should

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For the medical or recreational user who knows what they want from their cannabis experience, blending flower or hemp strains might be the next big thing. Like a chef or a chemist, mixing strains to create a unique blend offers the opportunity for a highly personal experience or flavor profile, custom-made to suit your mood, tastes, and needs.

The magic of mixing cannabis strains is that it offers a level of control formerly the domain of the grower. As cannabis’ effects are determined by the cannabinoids and terpenes in each strain, mixing various strains can create unique results, engineered for a user’s optimum experience. Not only do people mix strains to create a certain experience, but also for taste and flavor—and the sky is the limit when creating intriguing combinations and profiles.

What Can Mixing Cannabis Strains Do For You?

Mixing cannabis strains puts people in the driver’s seat and not only offers the thrill of experimentation but also the ability to create a blend that is hyper-suited to your needs. Feeling anxious with some back pain? There is a blend for that.

For medical users, creating blends offers more control over their treatment, giving them the capacity to increase desired effects and lessen or eliminate unwanted ones. For recreational users, along with giving them more control of their experience, they’ve also increased the chances of creating the sensations and effects they are looking for.

Even better, blending strains is the best route to the “entourage effect,” which offers users a complete, well-balanced experience, beyond just THC. 

Back in the 1960s, cannabis researchers discovered that cannabinoids like THC and CBD didn’t offer their full benefits unless they were consumed along with other cannabinoids and terpenes. When consumed together, however, they worked in concert to produce a range of effects otherwise unavailable when consuming cannabinoids like THC and CBD on their own. This “entourage effect” is the result of the interactive synergy of multiple cannabis compounds that deliver greater therapeutic effects than offered by THC alone. You can make the most of this effect by mixing strains to your liking, or with one of Item 9 Labs’ latest offerings, such as our Orion 710. This next-gen vaporization device is engineered with custom airflow and voltage settings to most efficiently use Item 9 Labs live resin, a perfect route to the full-spectrum experience.

Live resin is a fresh-frozen concentrate made from harvested flower that is immediately chilled, instead of cured, to preserve the greatest range of cannabinoids and terpenes possible—giving it this full-spectrum effect, as the end result is as close as possible to the plant’s natural composition.

The larger amount of cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids available in live resin blends allows for a greater entourage effect, as each strain’s unique phytochemical arrangement works with the others to achieve results not always possible via single-strain options.

It’s ideal for those looking for broader wellness experiences or interested in treating a range of issues that might not yet be fully understood. The Orion is made for use with any of our three pods, depending on your needs:

  • Grounded – an Indica-heavy blend that goes deep into the body while offering relaxation & washing away stress.
  • Orbit – a hybrid blend with balanced body & cerebral effects, that brings uplifting moods while offering body calmness.
  • Beyond – a Sativa blend, engineered for a euphoric journey inspiring creativity & wonder.

What Kinds of Strains Are Best for Blending?

Many connoisseurs prefer to mix strains with varying qualities and characteristics to create a more balanced experience. It’s worth noting, though, that blending cannabinoids can create a new level of complexity and might take time to master. Slow and steady experimentation is the best way to figure out the unique combination that works best for you.

For instance, strong Sativas that sometimes produce anxiety can be blended with some Indica flower to create a more well-rounded effect.

For those looking for the benefits of THC with less of a “high,” adding some CBD can be the ticket. CBD effectively pumps the brakes on THC’s effects, lowering the psychoactive effects, while preserving benefits like well-being, pain relief, and anxiety reduction. Interestingly, the presence of CBD can also prolong the effects of THC and can be useful for those who have developed a tolerance. An alternative option for reducing the euphoric effects of THC is adding some terpene-rich hemp flowers to reduce potency.

Indeed, there are endless strains of Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids to choose from, and possible combinations are infinite. Expert blends will account for genetics, cannabinoid profiles, and the way their terpenes blend—and of course, the experience you are looking for.

It’s worth noting that while blending flower strains, careful attention should be paid to the ratio of each strain added to the mix. Mixing the same amount of two very different strains will, in theory, produce well-balanced results. However, by this logic, many will prefer to just buy an already well-balanced hybrid strain. The beauty of blending on your own is that you can control the ratio to create or avoid a specific effect.

Blending strains can be a satisfying journey to mastery of your cannabis experience for optimal enjoyment or relief. Good luck and happy experimenting!  


Christina Rock is a Cape Town-based writer and creator. Follow her around the internet.