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The Item 9 Labs Difference

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Cutting edge technology is utilized at every step – from cultivation, to extraction, to user experience.

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All Item 9 Labs products contain the best aspects of a cannabis plant, carefully preserved for optimal effects.

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Rigorous lab testing and transparency mean high-quality cannabis products that Arizona consumers can trust.

Commonly Asked Questions

Sugar, badder, and crumble differ in their consistencies and flavor while offering the same desired effects. The best way to choose your perfect concentrate is to consider how you will use it.

  • Sugar is, as the name suggests, very similar to the consistency of granulated sugar, just a lot stickier. It’s easily handled with a tool and perfect for full-flavor, full-send, and dabbing.  Strains will vary the color, aroma, and effect of sugar.
  • Badder is created when the live resin extraction is whipped instead of crystallized like sugar. Its soft and malleable texture is great for scooping with a tool, melting in your rig, and enjoying the full effects. Strains will vary the color, aroma, and effect of badder.
  • Crumble is made to be crumbled over flower to level up potency and flavor, but can also be enjoyed on its own in a rig. Its solid and less sticky consistency make it simple to handle without a tool. Strains will vary the color, aroma, and effect of crumble.

Item 9 Labs’ premium products are exclusively available in Arizona, where we focus on delivering the highest quality cannabis experience and maintaining a strong presence in this thriving market.

To find a dispensary close to you, please use our store locator. 

Fresh frozen refers to a process used in the cannabis industry to preserve the plant’s trichomes and terpenes at their peak freshness. 

When cannabis is harvested, it is immediately frozen at extremely low temperatures to prevent degradation and preserve its natural compounds. This method helps retain the plant’s aromatic terpenes and valuable cannabinoids, resulting in a product with enhanced flavor, potency, and overall quality when used for extraction, making it ideal for producing high-quality concentrates and extracts.

We take pride in offering an extensive range of strain varieties, each distinguished by its effects, aroma, taste, and appearance. Our concentrates are always fresh, sourced directly from the harvest, ensuring you experience the full spectrum of each strain’s unique characteristics. 

With a commitment to innovation, we constantly experiment with new strains and varieties, expanding our inventory to provide a diverse and premium selection of cannabis products for our users. 

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