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Cosmic Crumble Infused Pre-Rolls Are Out of This World

Cosmic Crumble

Cosmic Crumble infused pre-rolls offer an out-of-this-world cannabis experience fit for an evening of stargazing. Featuring Item 9 Labs award-winning flower dusted with terpene-rich Lemon Cherry Gelato crumble, each pack contains seven elevated joints, a limited-edition Cosmic Crumble affirmation card and infinite celestial adventures.

  • Seven 0.5g crumble-infused pre-rolls
  • Testing at 40% THC!
  • First drop features homegrown Tres Leches flower x Lemon Cherry Gelato


Available at the following cannabis dispensaries:
  • Phoenix
    • The Good
    • Debbie’s
    • Zenleaf
    • JARS
    • Tru Bliss
    • AZ Organix
    • Hana Med Phoenix
  • Tucson
    • Botanica
    • The Prime Leaf (Park)
    • The Prime Leaf (Speedway)
    • Hana Med Green Valley
    • Nature Med


The Cosmic Crumble Vibe: Now on Spotify!  


Picture this: you’re sitting down with your new limited release pack of Item 9 Labs’ Cosmic Crumble infused pre-rolls. You’re all set up for a star-gaze and chill moment in the sprawling Arizona desert. Stars are shooting overhead, and you know this pre-roll is about to blast you off into space. Suddenly, you realize there’s something slightly off…it’s the vibe! 


To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve created the perfect playlist to accompany your Cosmic Crumble experience.  


You can find the Cosmic Crumble playlist, curated for the perfect vibe, here: Cosmic Crumble Playlist 


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