Badder Up! Limited-Edition Pre-rolls

Badder Up x digital x Small

Badder Up! is a limited-edition infused pre-roll featuring indica-dominant GMO Cookies flower and live badder. Enhanced with kief, this super potent pre-roll is testing at 47% THC!

Inspired by America’s favorite past time, Badder Up! is our nod to Spring training in Arizona. There’s no better companion to kicking back and watching a game than an Item 9 Labs infused pre-roll.

Each pre-roll tin includes:

  • Seven 0.5g infused pre-rolls
  • One collectible sticker featuring Joey Can-Smokemo, the embodiment of two of our favorite past times: cannabis and baseball

Get yours before they sell out! Here for a good time, not a long time.

Available at the following cannabis dispensaries in Tucson, Arizona:


Available at the following cannabis dispensaries in the Phoenix area:

Find more details on Leafly and Weedmaps.


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