Introducing our

1g Concentrate Infused Pre‑roll

We’re using full nugs of our award-winning flower and infusing it with our award-winning concentrates to give you all the best of the worlds. A pure and enjoyable smoke all the way through!


Our new infused pre-roll lineup includes three options, each featuring a different variety of concentrate: live sugar, live badder or crumble.

Available in Arizona dispensaries on Friday, September 9th!
g infused pre roll x
INL Infused preroll icons Concentrate REV

Three (3) flavorful concentrate varieties: live resin sugar, live resin badder, and crumble

INL Infused preroll icons Delta REV

Innovative process evenlv coats flower with concentrate

INL Infused preroll icons Dropper REV

Premium house-grown and extracted concentrates since 2018

INL Infused preroll icons No DIstillate REV

No distillate, no synthetic terpenes

INL Infused preroll icons Leaf REV

Premium house-grown flower, award-winning since 2018

INL Infused preroll icons Paper REV

Custom, ultra-thin, unrefined French Paper


Intentionally crafted cannabis products for the journey of life and the pursuit of dreams.

Award-winning flower & concentrates for those who can feel & taste the difference. We are committed to producing simple, elevated products that help transform every day life, all the while providing transparency, consistency, & enhanced well-being.

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An award-winning proprietary pod and battery system.

Designed to meet the needs of the modern-day consumer, the Orion 710 is a next-generation vape system that provides full-spectrum, sensory concentrates on the go.


We specialize in producing exquisite live resin pods that are an authentic
expression of the living plant. Each of our pods have a full-bodied,
terpene-rich flavor profile that results in an unparalleled consumer experience.

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by quality, driven with community.

Item 9 Labs is for anyone looking to be the best version of themselves. Co-founded by five business partners bringing together a myriad of skills to produce premium cannabis products, Item 9 Labs is for those who believe quality comes first.

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Grown with intention. We are committed to offering our consumers consumers, patients and dispensary partners innovative, high-quality products that consistently deliver an enhanced cannabis experience.


Not all cartridges are created equal.

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Our phenomenal lab team is dedicated to pushing boundaries on cannabis innovation and consumer experience.

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