Dispensary Worker Spotlight: Zia Peroni is Here to Help

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Welcome to the latest installment of our Dispensary Worker Spotlight! Just as finding the right medicine is essential, having confidence in the person recommending it is equally vital. At Item 9 Labs, we believe that medicating with cannabis is just one piece of the overall wellness picture. Social connection and a robust sense of community is another. Getting to know your Dispensary Agent is a great way to foster that sense of connection and feel confident that they’ve got your back. Read on for more about Zia Peroni, and her heartfelt commitment to helping others and giving her all….

Patients of all Kinds

Zia Peroni likes helping people and she likes fostering birds. The bird rescuer and Dispensary Agent for Harvest of Scottsdale nurses struggling Phoenix-acclimated Lovebirds back to health. She currently cares for two of them. Zia also works full-time helping cannabis patients.

The former Nordstrom sales rep had been working in retail clothing sales for almost six years before deciding to show up at dispensaries in hopes of moving into the cannabis field.

About two years into her journey, she was hired on, and is now in her second year as a Dispensary Agent. “I like spreading the goodness of cannabis to my patients,” Peroni says.

Her personal cannabis journey started as a teenager. As a self-described “super achiever,” Zia was looking to alleviate the pressure she felt. She also didn’t like the way her asthma medication made her feel and cannabis helped make her feel more even. “I use it as a mood enhancer to feel more positive in my day,” Peroni says.

She is careful with the questions she asks patients, noting that most people don’t usually know what they need. “A lot of people don’t want to know all about the effects of D9 (Delta 9 THC), they really just want immediate relief for their specific symptoms,” Peroni says.

Staying Informed

The Harvest of Scottsdale location where Peroni works is close to the legendary Mayo Clinic.  She says many patients come to their store straight out of chemo, seeking relief from symptoms associated with the cancer treatment. Doing her part to stay educated on how to help them is essential. “In my store, I’m the type of person that goes to every training. I do tons of research about medical conditions that my patients might have,” Peroni says, noting that Mayo Clinic’s own suggested CBD intake guidelines helps inform the care she’s able to recommend to her patients.

Somewhat surprisingly, the stigma typically attached to cannabis use isn’t often an issue for the older people Peroni helps treat. Her process and the dispensary’s reliance on medical research give patients peace of mind, especially when looking for alternatives to Oxycontin and other opioid-based pain medications.

While Peroni sympathizes with patients worried about the adult-use market opening in spring 2021, she knows her approach won’t change much. “We really do care about our people. That’s about it really. Exactly that,” Peroni says.

Safety First

Peroni is especially proud that Harvest always uses a third-party to test their products and hopes the state labs will be even stricter, making cannabis ever safer for those who need it. She and many others will be closely watching for information about new regulations.

On her off days, you can find Peroni smoking on Alien Fruit Fire or Orange Kush Cake flower, as she prefers the full-plant experience over other options like edibles infused with distilled Delta 9 THC. For on-the-go medicating, Peroni is currently digging the Black and Blue Kush Broad Spectrum cartridge. She regularly walks patients through the ins-and-outs of different strains so they know what to expect and are matched with the best option for their needs.

Get to Know your Local Dispensary Agent!

Finding the right medicine can make a world of difference for people in need. Connecting with a dispensary agent who understands your symptoms and condition can give people a world of relief and help measurably improve quality of life. These essential workers are pros at knowing their products and delivering peace of mind. Dispensary Agents like Zia use their passion for helping people (and birds!) to make our community happier and healthier. Pop over to Harvest of Scottsdale or your local dispensary to see for yourself!