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Spring Into Cannabis Wellness

Springtime is all about fresh starts. And this spring, who couldn’t use a fresh start? Item 9 Labs is delighted to kick off our spring wellness reboot! It’s all about finding the ideas, rituals, and knowledge to super charge your routine in a way that truly supports you.

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How to Blend Strains and Why You Should

For the medical or recreational user who knows what they want from their cannabis experience, blending flower or hemp strains might be the next big thing. Like a chef or a chemist, mixing strains to create a unique blend offers the opportunity for a highly personal experience or flavor profile, custom-made to suit your mood, tastes, and needs.

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cannabis microdosing

Cannabis 101: What is Microdosing and How Can it Help You?

In this less is more approach, practitioners consume minimal amounts of cannabis to reap its healing benefits while avoiding psychoactive or less desirable effects. Adherents are using microdosing to boost creativity, enhance yoga and workout sessions, alleviate pain and balance their moods while avoid feeling “high,” anxiety, or lethargy.

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The Explorer’s Guide to Cannabis

The world of cannabis can indeed be intimidating, with jargon, fancy strains, and a million new consumption methods to choose from.

Here, we aim to demystify cannabis with a user-friendly guide so you can have the best possible experience.

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