Cannabis 101: What is Microdosing and How Can it Help You?

In this less is more approach, practitioners consume minimal amounts of cannabis to reap its healing benefits while avoiding psychoactive or less desirable effects. Adherents are using microdosing to boost creativity, enhance yoga and workout sessions, alleviate pain and balance their moods while avoid feeling “high,” anxiety, or lethargy.

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The Explorer’s Guide to Cannabis

The world of cannabis can indeed be intimidating, with jargon, fancy strains, and a million new consumption methods to choose from.

Here, we aim to demystify cannabis with a user-friendly guide so you can have the best possible experience.

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Industry Spotlight: Jaimie McKenna Brings the Local Joint to Life

Welcome to the latest in our series highlighting our area’s best and brightest budtenders and cannabis connoisseurs. In this edition, we sat down with Jaimie McKenna, Local Joint’s Marketing Manager to chat about community, the growth of the industry, and what it means to make people part of the family. Read on for more!

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