Item 9 Labs is looking for a highly motivated, knowledgeable Facility Manager to control the direction and oversight of our cultivation facility. Candidates should have a strong horticultural background, a deep understanding of cultivation management and entrepreneurial spirits.

The Facility Manager oversees the day to day operations of the entire facility operations. The Facility Manager is the designated Dispensary Agent with oversight of the Inventory Control System that the Company utilizes, LeafLogix. Works with the Master Cultivator and Master Extractor to manage personnel to perform all the tasks necessary to grow various strains of quality medical marijuana in a large-scale indoor cultivation facility. Work closely with the Master Cultivator on the implementation and timing of cultivation plans to maintain a continuous flow of live cannabis plants through the Cultivation Operation.

If this sounds like the career for you, please provide an updated resume and cover letter. In your cover letter briefly describe the position you’re interested in and why you would be the ideal candidate.



  • Arrive at facility 15-30 minutes prior to staff start time or arrange opening the facility with another manager
  • Perform/coordinate a building walk-through with our Master Cultivator and Master Extractor checking security cameras and each pod room to make sure everything is operating and recording properly;
  • Verify all staff who have reported for work and secure all entrances to the facility;
  • Arrange Monday morning meetings to go over weekly staff duties to be assigned and accomplished. Take notes and circulate action items from that meeting
  • Inspect the grow rooms and plants. Compare layouts and details to LeafLogix records. Reconcile as needed.
  • Perform an inventory check on all products needed to maintain their specific areas of operation, including grow rooms, lab, and administration needs;
  • Direct staff to perform their inventory checks as needed
  • Make sure all products are put in their proper place and no supplies are needed. Coordinate with Master Cultivator;
  • Coordinate and schedule independent lab test samples to be taken. Make sure tests for toxics are done separately from cannabinoid tests to optimize test expenses and still be in accordance with state regulations
  • Verify and log lab results and label completed and tested medical marijuana products;
  • Load tested and labeled products into the vault and enter product information into LeafLogix to ensure that inventory is accurate.
  • Schedule confirmed orders to registered dispensaries and prepare for secure delivery;
  • Consistently check on staff and assist them with any needs or work issues;
  • Prepare for end of day cleanup and lock up all production rooms;
  • Secure and lock the Secure Inventory Vault;
  • Ensure that security systems are functioning correctly and recording correctly;
  • Perform final security walk-through with security staff to ensure everyone is out of the building; and
  • Lock and secure facility and set alarms for the end of day.
  • Experienced on Seed to Sale and Inventory control processes and procedures

Personnel Supervision: Reports to CEO


  • Has Authority Over All Departments Including:
  • Cultivation Operations
  • Extraction Operations
  • Marijuana Infused Edible Kitchen Operations
  • Marketing and branding


  • Bachelor’s Business degree in warehouse, logistics management, economics or related field or five years’ cultivation experience and at least 2 years’ experience in a supervisory role
  • Must stay current and adhere to all policy and regulations of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must be able to obtain a MME registered agent card from the State
  • Must not have been convicted of any felony offense
  • Ability to work within a team and on a self-directed basis
  • Works in a timely manner and strives to increase productivity
  • Experience and knowledge and familiarity with Cannabis
  • Excellent computer, mathematic, language, and reasoning skills
  • Basic weights and measurement skills, ability to operate a scale
  • Capable to understand the complexity of computerized and automated pod control systems and be able to set and adjust controls as needed according to operating directions